Andrew Bruce, S.C.
Author of Criminal Evidence in Hong Kong and Criminal Procedure: Trial on Indictment

  Benefits of Lexis® Red

Lexis® Red is an innovative referencing tool that provides online and offline access to your entire looseleaf library at the touch of a button or swipe of a screen.

Compatible with Apple, Android and Windows devices it is an award winning app, designed by LexisNexis specifically to meet the reading and research needs of the 21st century lawyer. Whether you work alone, in a firm or chambers or as part of a small team Lexis® Red gives everyone who needs it access to their own personal copy of your looseleaf services.

Lexis® Red combines the familiarity of your trusted print looseleaf content with the time and space saving benefits of a digital library at your fingertips. The service automatically updates content in your account, ready for you to download onto your device at the touch of a button. Welcome to a world where bookshelves are not necessary, time consuming paper filing of updates is eliminated and you have up to date content at arm’s reach.

Lexis® Red also allows you to research quickly and effectively on your digital device through sophisticated search, highlighting, tagging and annotation functionalities. In addition, interlinking between relevant sections helps you skip through the content to find relevant information, while further reading links take you to key cases in your Lexis HK online account quickly and efficiently. Once you have downloaded your looseleaf application you are free to work online or offline, secure in the knowledge that your notes will save automatically and sync to your account as soon as you reconnect. Content updates are automatically sent to your account for download, and your annotations and highlights will seamlessly transfer across to the new version.

  • Hong Kong Civil Court Practice
  • Criminal Procedure: Trial on Indictment
  • Encyclopaedia of Hong Kong Taxation volume
  • Butterworths Hong Kong Personal Injury Service
  • Hong Kong Company Law: Legislation and Commentary
  • Hong Kong Conveyancing
  • Criminal Evidence in Hong Kong – 3rd Edition

  What is Lexis® Red

  Content available on Lexis® Red

Our wide range of trusted LexisNexis Hong Kong looseleaf titles available on Lexis® Red:

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  Features of Lexis® Red

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  • Intellectual Property in Hong Kong
  • Banking Law: Hong Kong SAR and the People’s Republic of China
  • Hong Kong Corporate Law
  • Hong Kong Construction Law
  • Hong Kong Employment Law Manual
  • Hong Kong Employment Ordinance: An Annotated Guide
  • The Professional Conduct of Lawyers in Hong Kong
  • Securities Law: HKSAR and People’s Republic of China – 2nd Edition
View your recent history
All your looseleaf titles available in your digital library
Updates are sent straight to your account for downloading to your device
At a glance information about your publication
Quickly access all your annotations from the homescreen
Products can be ordered according to your preference
Export and share content
Highlight relevant text
Tag sections of text for quick retrieval
Add your own annotations to personalise your content
One of Lexis Australia’s first customers to adopt Lexis® Red was the New South Wales Police Force, read more about why they chose Lexis® Red here.
Lexis® Red means quick, easy and direct access to the text. Hyperlinks to cases and statutes and updated text shortly after new cases and legislation come out make it way better than the printed looseleaf

  What's new

Efficient – Lexis® Red reduces the need for physical office space by enabling your team to carry their entire binder collection with them, and eliminates painful and timely paper filing.
Accessible - Lexis® Red provides access to your content online and offline, so you don’t have to rely on an internet connection to get your work done.
Reliable – Lexis® Red saves your annotations to the cloud, and syncs notes between devices when connected online.
Personal – Our personalisation tools let you quickly and effortlessly annotate sections, search, highlight and copy, paste and share text.
Flexible – Whether you work alone, in a firm or in Chambers Lexis® Red allows everyone to have their own copy of your subscribed looseleaf services.
Portable - In court, at work or at home Lexis® Red gives you 24/7 access to the reference tools you need to succeed.
Up-to-date - Updates are sent straight to your account, giving you confidence you’re accessing the most current legal information available.
Productive - Save time with our powerful search functionality, seamless in product linking and easy access to further research.
Lexis® Red is...

Download the Lexis Red® application* today. Lexis® Red works on your Mac, iPad, Windows (8+) or Android computer or tablet. Simply download the correct application for your device from the links below.

*Please ensure you only use the below links to download the official application through the app stores or directly onto your Mac

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Lexis® Red 3.1 is here

The release of Red 3.1 brings new features and functions to Lexis® Red.
New features include:
  • Remember your password functionality when you log in to Lexis® Red
  • Links to the Hong Kong Legal Dictionary – search for legal definitions straight from Lexis® Red
  • Search enhancements to help you find what you’re looking for, quicker
  • Highlights with different colour options so that you can match your highlights to your tags
If you are already a Lexis® Red subscriber please download the update from the relevant app store. If you have not yet purchased Lexis® Red please use the contact us form to the right to arrange for a product demonstration.